Faculty of Economic Sciences

Faculty of Economic Sciences stands as a vibrant cornerstone within Valahia University in Târgoviște, flourishing in tandem since its establishment in 1992. Over the years, the faculty has not only witnessed a remarkable surge in student enrollment and the provision of top-tier human resources but has also earned noteworthy recognition on both national and international stages.

Our educational offerings boast a diverse array of qualifications meticulously tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the market. This ensures that students acquire the essential competencies needed for seamless integration into the labor market. With six full-time undergraduate programs (including one taught in English), a cutting-edge distance learning undergraduate program, six master’s programs, and two doctoral fields housed within the Doctoral School, our faculty serves as a robust educational scaffold, guaranteeing a university degree renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, gravitas, and professionalism.
Beyond its primary educational mission, the Faculty of Economic Sciences actively fosters an environment conducive to state-of-the-art scientific research. We are committed to creating a competitive framework that nurtures such scholarly pursuits, positioning our faculty as a hub of intellectual excellence.
Our guiding motto, “Education, practical spirit, entrepreneurial attitude!”, encapsulates not just an ambition but a collective ethos shared by both our dedicated professors and aspiring students. Together, we form a dynamic team, united in our mission to enhance the reputation of our institution as a beacon of academic prestige. The conducive study conditions at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, coupled with the exceptional quality of our faculty, not only provide students with a stimulating learning environment but also equip them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes crucial for personal and professional growth. Additionally, students have ample opportunities to engage in enriching extracurricular activities, further enhancing their overall university experience.

Accounting and Information System
Business Administration (in English)
Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services
Finance and Banks

Financial Banking Management
Information Management
Organization Management
Audit of Public and Private Entities

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