Faculty of Material Engineering and Mechanics

Faculty of Material Engineering and Mechanics is a constituent of the Valahia University of Targoviste, alongside three other engineering faculties. The faculty encompasses study programs at all levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD. Our 4-year licensure program offers instruction in two areas: materials engineering and mechanical engineering. Beginning this year (2023), we have also included a new domain called “economic engineering in the mechanical field”.
The objectives of the “Mechanical Engineering” program are to educate experts in the domain of machinery processes and installations, capable of conducting scientific research, designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and operating. This will enhance their prospects for professional integration in economic organizations. The objective of the “Materials Engineering” program is to acquire expertise in the areas of materials development, testing, and research.
The program in Economic Engineering in the Mechanical Domain aims to train professionals capable of effectively integrating and applying economic theories, managing economic processes, and comprehensively implementing economic engineering principles. This program covers both the fields of economy and scientific and technological advancements.
The Advanced Materials Master program aims to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired during the previous Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science. It offers interdisciplinary training in the areas of obtaining and characterizing metallic materials, ceramics, nanomaterials, and polymers. Additionally, the program focuses on the development of new materials that are associated with reduced energy consumption. The primary objective of the Modern Testing and Manufacturing Equipment in Mechanical Engineering curriculum is to educate engineers in computer-aided design, specifically in the mechanical domain, and provide comprehensive understanding of computer utilization in the process of conceptualizing, creating, optimizing products, and monitoring production.
The knowledge acquired in master’s degrees can reach a profound level in doctorate studies, where esteemed experts might supervise prospective PhD candidates. The Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences (SDSI) encompasses the subjects of Materials Engineering, established on August 3, 2000, and Mechanical Engineering, established on August 31, 2010.
Our students are provided with courses of a rigorous scientific nature, as well as access to extensive libraries, scientific databases, and state-of-the-art laboratories available both within our faculty and at the ICSTM institute. By collaborating with laboratories under the guidance of academics and researchers, our engineers have the opportunity to cultivate a genuine culture of invention. In order to comprehend intricate phenomena that underlie the advancement of materials, the operation of equipment and installations, as well as technological processes, our students have the opportunity to either visit a company or participate in internship programs.
Annually, our faculty enhances connections with companies through the execution of collaboration agreements. We have established contractual agreements with multiple enterprises operating within the industrial sector of Dambovita county, including SC. ERDEMIR SA, ARCTIC SA, S.C. DONALAM SA, and others.

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