Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology

Embracing dynamism and a commitment to international excellence, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology stands at the forefront of global demands. Rooted in a values-driven approach, we champion continuous learning that paves the way for societal prosperity and progress.

With an enrollment of nearly 700 students across undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, our faculty offers a diverse array of learning modalities, including face-to-face studies, distance learning, and lifelong learning initiatives. Our dedicated team of 40 professors and researchers is organized into two dynamic departments: Electronics, Telecommunication, and Energy Engineering, and Automatics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.

The Bachelor’s Degree Studies (4 years / 240 ECTS) encompass a range of cutting-edge fields, including Automatics and Applied Informatics, Applied Electronics, Technologies and Telecommunication Systems, Industrial Energy, and Electrical Engineering. At the Master’s level (2 years / 120 ECTS), students delve into specialized areas such as Advanced Automatics, Production Systems and Applied Informatics, Modern Systems and Equipment for Energy Production and Use, Advanced Telecommunication, Information Processing, and Transmission Systems, Audit of Energy Systems, and Integrated Electrical Systems Engineering in Vehicles (offered in English). The doctoral domain of Engineering Sciences focuses on advancing knowledge in Electrical Engineering, providing a platform for groundbreaking research and innovation.

Collaboration is at the heart of our ethos, with strong ties to local, regional, and national enterprises. We prioritize engagement with the industrial environment, fostering a robust dialogue to ensure our students are well-prepared future engineers. From the second year onward, students can choose internships and practical stages tailored to their specializations and level of education. Additionally, our students actively participate in laboratories and practical activities with enterprises. Situated in a region with a vibrant industrial landscape, our partnerships extend to renowned companies such as Renault SA, Arctic SA (home appliances: Beko, Grundig, Arctic), Haier, Oțelinox (Samsung-owned, the sole producer of stainless steel products in former communist countries in Europe), and leading producers of plastic parts for the automotive industry.

At our faculty, we not only educate but also empower the next generation of engineers, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in various sectors, including research and development, manufacturing, and technology-driven enterprises. Join us in shaping the future of engineering excellence.

Applied Electronics
Automation and Applied Informatics
Industrial Energy
Technologies and Telecommunication Systems

Advanced Automation, Industrial Informatics and Manufacturing
Advanced Telecommunications Systems, Information Processing and Transmission
Engineering of Electrical Systems Integrated in Vehicles (in English)
Energy Systems Audit
Modern Systems and Equipment in Energy Production and Usage

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