Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Faculty of Sciences and Arts at Valahia University is a dynamic hub that seamlessly integrates the realms of sciences and arts, delivering a comprehensive education to our students. Committed to excellence, our Bachelor Study Programs in Chemistry, Mathematics-Informatics, and Physics are designed to instill a profound grasp of fundamental principles while nurturing scientific talents and honing critical thinking skills. Our mission is to empower students with a versatile skill set that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering well-rounded individuals. The Music study program further enriches our community by cultivating artistic creativity and talents that inspire.
In our Master Study Programs, including Fundamental Mathematics for Education and Physical-Chemical Analytical Methods for Life and Environmental Quality, we aim to propel specialized knowledge and expertise to new heights. Emphasizing cutting-edge research, practical applications, and the development of advanced skills, these programs prepare students for success in diverse professional arenas. The Musical Education program focuses on training specialists who will not only educate in the field but also showcase their abilities on the musical stage.
Through innovative teaching methodologies, a faculty dedicated to excellence, and a vibrant learning community, the Faculty of Sciences and Arts seeks to inspire intellectual curiosity and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. We are dedicated to equipping our graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. Our commitment to academic excellence is evident in the comprehensive and forward-looking nature of our study programs, ensuring that our students emerge as well-prepared, adaptable, and forward-thinking contributors to the fields of sciences and arts.


Fundamental Mathematics for Education
Physical-Chemical Analytical Methods for Life and Environmental Quality
Musical Education

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