Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences

The study program at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences is designed with a dual mission – to provide a comprehensive education for future clergy members and educators. Established in 1992, the faculty has evolved to incorporate a broader scope, reflected in its current name.
Mission and Vision:
Our faculty is driven by a dual mission – to provide a comprehensive education for future clergy members within the context of Orthodox theology and to foster an understanding of educational sciences that contributes to the broader societal needs. We envision a learning environment where academic excellence, moral principles, and spiritual values converge to shape well-rounded individuals.
Programs and Departments:
Established in 1992, our faculty has evolved to meet the changing demands of education. Currently named the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences, we operate with two dynamic departments – the Department of Orthodox Theology and the Department of Educational Sciences. This structure allows us to offer diverse programs that cater to the needs of students interested in theology, education, and the intersection of the two.
Distinctive Features:
Comprehensive Theological Education: Our programs in Orthodox Theology provide students with a deep understanding of theological principles, history, and practice, preparing them for roles within the Church.
Educational Sciences Expertise: The Department of Educational Sciences equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for addressing contemporary challenges in education, from pedagogical practices to educational leadership.
Moral and Spiritual Values: We place a strong emphasis on instilling moral and spiritual values, fostering an environment where students develop not only academically but also ethically and spiritually.
Engagement with Global Community: Through academic freedom and an open-minded approach, we encourage our students and faculty to actively engage with the global scientific and cultural community.
Research and Innovation:
Our faculty is committed to advancing knowledge through rigorous research. We have established research centers and student scientific circles that contribute to scholarly endeavors in Orthodox theology, educational sciences, and the intersection of the two areas.

Orthodox Pastoral Theology
Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education

Contemporary Social and Ecumenical Doctrine of the Church
Educational Management and Curricular Development
Teaching Strategies for Effective Communication and Learning

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