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Doctoral School of Valahia University of Targoviste, as an accredited Institution Organizing University Studies of Doctorate, operates as the pinnacle of the university’s academic pursuits under the guidance of the Council for University Doctoral Studies. This doctoral school represents the third cycle of university studies, fostering advanced research and knowledge acquisition. The two distinct branches within the Doctoral School exemplify the institution’s commitment to diverse and impactful academic exploration. The Doctoral School of Economics and Humanities (SDSEU) focuses on the dynamic fields of Management, Accounting, and History. Here, scholars and researchers engage in rigorous investigations, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these critical areas.

In parallel, the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences is dedicated to Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, showcasing the commitment to cutting-edge advancements in technology and engineering.

Under the leadership of the Director of the Doctoral School and the Council of the Doctoral School (CSD), the school is guided by a shared vision of academic excellence. The Director, assimilated to the department director, actively participates in didactic and research activities, ensuring that all decisions align with the overarching goal of enhancing teaching and research within the school. This commitment to excellence in research and academia establishes the Doctoral School as a hub for advanced study and scholarly pursuits, fostering an environment that encourages the development of high-level expertise across various disciplines.

The Doctoral School of Valahia University of Targoviste is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in doctoral education and research, guided by a comprehensive set of principles and procedures:

Quality Assurance: Implementing robust procedures and principles to ensure the quality of the organization and execution of doctoral degree programs

Research Excellence: Organizing and conducting research programs on topics of national and international significance, contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

Student Integration: Actively integrating Ph.D. students into national and international research projects, fostering a collaborative and globally connected research environment.

Skill Development: Facilitating the accumulation of knowledge and practical skills crucial for high-performance scientific research through a specialized and quality formative process.

Guidance and Publication: Providing continuous guidance to Ph.D. students and advising them on publishing the original results of their research, promoting scholarly dissemination.

Global Exposure: Supporting Ph.D. students’ participation in prestigious scientific events and training courses at renowned universities abroad, broadening their international exposure.

Thesis Support: Offering guidance and advice to Ph.D. students throughout the development and completion of high-level doctoral theses, ensuring academic excellence.

International Collaborations: Collaborating with prestigious universities both within the country and abroad, enhancing the academic and research network.

Young Researcher Training: Actively participating in the training of young researchers across the fields of economics, humanities, and engineering sciences.

Project Management Skills: Providing training in the skills necessary for the development and management of scientific research projects, fostering leadership and project management capabilities.

Critical Thinking: Cultivating a critical spirit among students, enabling the objective evaluation of their own research and that conducted by other researchers.

Selective Admission: Ensuring a meticulous selection process for candidates, attracting individuals with the potential to contribute significantly to the academic and research community.




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