Faculty of Humanities

Valahia University of Târgoviște proudly embodies a rich humanistic tradition, evident in its curriculum evolution since 1992. The Faculty of Humanities, established in 1995, champions five undergraduate specializations—History, Geography, Tourism Geography, Physical Education and Sport, Kinesiotherapy, and Special Motor Skills. Complemented by master’s programs such as European History, Geographic Risk Phenomena and Environmental Quality, Physical Education, Tourism, and Leisure, the faculty provides a diverse academic landscape.
This tradition, marked by commitment and excellence, thrives through the faculty’s accreditation and adherence to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. This enables students to experience academic mobility, supported financially by European programs, fostering opportunities to study both nationally and internationally.
Our faculty comprises a dynamic teaching staff, blending youthful academics sourced from our distinguished graduates and seasoned specialists with international acclaim. Their reputations, built over decades of research in the Romanian Academy institutes, contribute to the academic prowess of the institution.
Scientific excellence is further demonstrated through accredited research centers and the publication of three indexed scientific journals. The faculty annually hosts national and international scientific gatherings, organizing conferences with eminent personalities from universities nationwide and abroad. Faculty members lead numerous national and international research projects, offering deserving master’s and doctoral students invaluable opportunities for integration.
Divided into three autonomous departments—History, Geography, and Physical Education and Sport—the faculty ensures a tailored teaching mission while overseeing research program organization.
The material base of the Faculty of Humanities includes numerous well-furnished and equipped facilities (4 amphitheaters, 20 classrooms and seminar rooms, 2 complex sports facilities). It comprises a central library, specialty libraries organized within research centers, as well as specialized laboratories, offering interested students the opportunity to become familiar with the rigors of scientific research from their early years at the faculty.

Geography of Tourism
Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity
Physical Education and Sports

Geographic Risk Phenomena and Environmental Quality
European History Unity

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