Within our project which is geared towards countering Euroscepticism, we developed a Manual on tackling Euroscepticism through Art. The Manual emphasizes the transformative power of arts included in education in youth empowerment. It presents art as a medium for engaging youth in creative processes, extended beyond the boundaries of traditional academic environments.
Aim: deliver the European message in a more accessible way to young people

Focus: youth participation to democratic and community life

Outlined in the Manual are the significant roles that arts education can play in:

  • Empowering young individuals from marginalized areas to become active citizens, countering feelings of vulnerability that may lead to Euroscepticism.
  • Harnessing the power of arts for the empowerment of individuals providing a counter-narrative to eurosceptic views through positive community-based action.
  • The transformation of neglected spaces within communities can become symbols of European unity and shared cultural heritage.
  • Identifying opportunities for youth engagement and development in a post-pandemic landscape, thus strengthening the European project at a local level.
  • Facilitating participation in non-formal activities about Europe can foster a stronger European identity and counter eurosceptic sentiments.

The Manual collects 15 innovative art activities – related to painting, handcrafting, tailoring, photography and theatre. The activities can be adapted and applicated to different contexts, helping youth workers to approach European topic and tackle Euroscepticism.