To celebrate Romanian National Day we were thrilled to organize an educational excursion to the Princely Court of Targoviste alongside our international students. This venture, aimed at unraveling the rich history and culture of Targoviste, was a testament to the power of academic exploration and cross-cultural engagement.

Heartfelt gratitude goes out to our brilliant international students whose enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity transformed this visit into an enlightening academic experience. Your commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and engaging with the cultural tapestry of Targoviste did not go unnoticed.

A sincere appreciation also extends to our dedicated volunteers who played an integral role in ensuring the execution of this scholarly endeavor. Your assistance and commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment were pivotal to the success of the trip.

Special acknowledgment is due to the leadership of the museum and the invaluable guidance provided by Museographer Mihai Claudiu Năstase. His expertise illuminated the historical significance of the exhibition, providing our students with a profound understanding of Targoviste’s cultural legacy.

“V standing for victory and Valahia” is a powerful expression encapsulating the memory of this day.

Stay tuned for upcoming academic adventures and cultural explorations at Valahia University of Targoviste.