We are excited to invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to submit their papers for consideration at the upcoming conference, “Dynamics of Belonging: Exploring Home and Homeland in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region.” This conference aims to delve into the nuanced dimensions of cultural identity, sustainability, connectivity, migration, security, education, innovation, and artistic expression within the captivating landscapes of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea Region.

Topics to be covered:

Navigating Diversity and Identity in the Baltic and Nordic Regions

Migration Stories: Journeys, Identities, and Diasporas in Northern Europe

Voices Unveiled: Unraveling Linguistic Diversity and Unity in Northern Europe

Art and Literature: Shaping Narratives of Home and Homeland

Historical Perspectives on Home and Homeland in Scandinavia and Baltic Sea Region

Bridging Borders: Security and Cooperation Across the Baltic and Nordic Seas

Knowledge Exchange: Education and Cultural Dialogues in Northern Europe

Innovative Horizons: Entrepreneurship and Progress in Baltic and Nordic Economies

Sustainable Futures: Heritage and Environmental Conservation and Development in the North.

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